Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Danes and that Sunny place

When I arrived to Denmark I was surprised by how many Danes had heard of Bulgaria. Most of them knew (at least) Sunny Beach and some had even been there.

As it turned out, this Bulgarian city by the sea is a popular destination amongst the Danish youth; a spot filled with endless parties, cheap alcohol and sun. As for the latter two, I can hereby confirm - you can't really find them in Denmark.

So, here is an IKEA ad which kinda presents how much the young Danes like that Bulgarian city*.

* It is an interesting fact that not so many Bulgarians go there.

1 comment:

martin d said...

:)) classic. I was there like 2 weeks ago..and there is even a viking bar ..was full of hair buns and skinny jeans :))

actually was not that bad, it's interesting for a couple of hours :)