Monday, July 22, 2013

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Do instead of don't

Research has proven that people feel less unhappy when they have done something (that they later decide they regret doing) than when they did not do that thing (and later decide they should have done it)..

What I mean by sharing this with you is, take as many opportunities as you can; try things without being too cautious about whether that is the best to do; meet people, go to places - without wondering whether you will enjoy them.

Even if these things turn to be, well, not-so-awesome, you will still feel better than if you simply decided to stay on the safe side and skip taking a chance.

Science has proven it. But more importantly, I am giving you my word. Get wild. Feel happier!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Being positive: 2

Being positive: being fine with chilly autumn weather during summer while stuck in the city, because it could have been worse - like being fine with chilly autumn weather during summer while on vacation by the sea.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Caution: Woman Driver Inside

I've been attending driving lessons for some time and yesterday I finally won the right to (legally) drive a car. YAY!

I cannot hide that

And even though there's a widely spread rumor (and some evidence) that women can't drive..

..or park..

..or do any other kind of car stuff..

.., I am convinced to prove the world that being a good driver (and car-stuff-involved-person) does not depend on a person's sex..

..but rather on the person's abilities.
And I am daaamn good!

Long time no upload

I used to upload stuff here more often.
Then I did not upload stuff so often.
Now I plan to go back to uploading more often again.
But hey, don't blame me, I've been busy..

I found this video a while back thanks to a Vsause (DONG) video. Here's the link to it.
And I watched this Vsause video thanks to Vaseto, who told me I should check Vsause's youtube channel if I ever felt like wasting some time. Thanks, Vase! :)
And here's my own contribution to the universe's sorry-I-haven't-uploaded collection.