Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Well, what about Summer Well?

As I mentioned, I have loads to share. Another thing I mentioned is that I recently discovered the awesomeness of live music.
Following this introduction, I shall say that two weekends ago I was in Romania for the festival Summer Well. Once again, it was amazing.
However, about the trip and all - later. Now it's time for music.

(in order of appearance)

I can't take my mind off of you

I actually have lots to tell you about, but right now I'll only share a song* with you.. Consider it a good night post.

* It got stuck in my head for the last few days.. Interestingly enough, when you google search "song stuck mind" you get amazingly many results amongst which some explaining to you what it means to have a song stuck in your head (earworm); sharing steps for coping with the problem; and even one offering a way to unhear a song..

Thursday, August 8, 2013

(Re)discover music

I rarely ever went to concerts until recently.
But since this changed, I am endlessly grateful and happy that I finally discovered this marvelous world of music, sounding in a pretty different way when you can see the artist(s) performing right in front of you.. while the shared energy of the fans around you is charging you with a special kind of positive feeling..
Less than a couple of weeks ago I went for the first time to Spirit of Burgas. Since that's a (pretty cool) festival (in Bulgaria... at the beach(!)), I could enjoy much more than one artist at a time.
Can you imagine.. I heard... and saw.. and felt... I experienced all of the following:

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Feel the sun shining for your eyes

It's important to wake up and get that energy boost one needs to start the day..
Last March, 10th I got my boost through this specially-sent-to-me song.. and I'm shamelessly reusing it today!
Oookaaaay... you can borrow it too..

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The taste of words

A book tastes better at the beach, with lots of lemon in a sweaty-cold glass of gin-tonic..
I promise!

(click on the picture to view it bigger)