Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Kinda tired

About a week ago, a few days before my second exam, a friend of mine told me: "you know that what you're doing to yourself is called sleep deprivation.. and it has been used as a torture technique?"..
Well, things have changed since his question: 3 exams have passed (two still to go) and now I'm sleeping.. sometimes...

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Being a man..

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Color your morning

I am hereby making an official statement: clumsy people should not be allowed do use sharp knives.. Even when I'm cutting an apple, I look this way:

The victim today was my left thumb which almost lost its head..
Yet another proof someone should be taking care of me while I lie around, doing nothing.. What? That's just a safety precaution, it's not that I want to devote to laziness... please, you're insulting me..

The picture I found here.
Check the rest of Nina Friday's art - there are some pretty cool drawings!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Today is the first exam from my scary exam marathon.. 
I will need all the luck in the world in the next two weeks..
So, if you have any to spare or borrow, I will be extremely grateful!
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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

In pieces

I just watched this video..

.. and I couldn't help it ask myself.. what can make me laugh this way now?.. Then it struck me.. I will burst into that same sincere pure happy laughter if I see someone tear into pieces all the articles, slides, lecture notes, researches, exercises and similar sh... sheets of paper that I am reading for the exams..

That will also open several kilos of space in my suitcase.. It's like a win-win situation.. with both "win"-s for me..

Have a break

Exam session mornings

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Liã, the departures, and a place to visit

It's that period when your friends (or you) leave the Erasmus story. One of the (few true) fans of my blog Liã (pronounced [liɐ̃], not [lía] - as we were instructed a bit too late ;)) just left too. Before she did so, she threatened me she will check my blog on Sunday and she'd better find something new (referring to me studying too much and not working on the blog).

So, here's the post! Dedicated to her and her "heaven, Santa (e Bela) Catarina". As expected from something carrying my name*, the place is extremely beautiful. :)

* my narcissistic me just couldn't let a post be solely about another person.. hahah

"Until the morning..

.. sleep on tight" - is what she sings in this song..
"..study if you have to".. - is how I'd finish the line..

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Once again

Another 'good night' for today (well technically it's tomorrow already).
This time I'm saying it with a song... which totally agrees with me: "I've been away too long.."

Monday, January 16, 2012

Good night, sunshine!

Yes, yes.. you saw correctly, the post is from ~ 7 a.m.... ante meridiem.. before noon.. in the f***ing early morning.
It was one exciting sleepless night from my Erasmus life! And I am now going to bed.
..I wish these were words that would mean that I was dancing until I dropped tired.. but this time I was actually writing an assignment for school until I just ran out of words..
It's time for me to rest my empty head. I guess I might have trouble falling asleep, so I'll use some inspiration:

Saturday, January 14, 2012


For most of you a surprise visit by the landlords may mean trouble.. In my case it means chocolate cake!

Correction: "chocolate cake" to be read "extremely-super-immensely-mmmm-so-tasty-it-must-be-a-sin chocolate cake".
Seriously, how lucky have I been to have landlords like them? :)

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Danes everywhere :)

Dear Danish friends, see what I found in Brussels:

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Friday, January 13, 2012

A little moment of happiness..

..in my day.. caused by one of those "little things", as people call them.

I just noticed that someone (or maybe it's not the same person) has pressed the "Recommend this on Google" button on several of the posts here. You may think I'm crazy, but it made me smile that someone was happy with what I shared. :)

Thank you for that smile! :)

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At night

Thursday, January 12, 2012

VIP in high school

It so 90's to be popular in high school, being VIP is what every teenager really needs today.

Secondary school in Ghent, Belgium.
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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Books are full of joy

.. and quite hyperactive if you judge by the behavior of these ones..

Marto, thank you for yet another awesome video!

A fresh start

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Twelve easy steps to getting fat

1. Become a student (better in a high-ranked university, where they actually want you to study).
2. Try to study as little as possible during the semester and wait for the exam period.
3. Lock yourself in your room and start studying.
4. Alternate studying with eating - you have to make breaks, right?
5. Reward yourself with sweets for studying good.
6. Eat some sweets to comfort yourself if studying is not going well.
7. Sleep less so that you can study more.. and compensate for the lacking energy with excessive amounts of food.
8. Drink some beers (alone, of course, you're supposed to be in your room, studying).
9. Don't exercise - you don't have time for that
10. Don't cook - the faster your food, the sooner you get back to studying.
11. Start hating your life and while you're stuffing yourself with chocolate cake, make a promise that next semester you'll study before the exam session actually comes.
12. Never keep the promise.

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Sunday, January 8, 2012


I recently found this photo:

.. and (maybe also influenced by being abroad for 1½ years now) I got to think,.. why do we humans keep building walls between us.. when it feels so much better to fight the ones that others built in order to divide us?...

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Special edition!

My daddy has a birthday today! And since he loves Janis Joplin, this one is specially for him!
Честит рожден ден, тате! :)

Small talk

I hear this every day..

What does your coffee tell you in the morning?

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Goodbye yesterday

After a highly productive afternoon (YAY!) I am ready to say goodbye to the day.. with a sweet song.. filled with wise words..

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Studying from the screen

Weird feeling in the morning..

..I see myself talking with friends on a familiar spot.. Hmm, yes, that's it - I am in front of the building of my faculty in Bulgaria.. but the building has a blue KU Leuven sign... ok, so my faculty has somehow moved to Belgium..

All my friends are suddenly gone and now I only have strangers around me. A teacher that looks like one of the cashiers in Colruyt appears and says we are about to start the exam in "Flemish poetry and statistical calculations of transportation costs related to game theory and European integration"...

After a fierce cold-sweat struggle with the test I never studied for, I wake up... Ooookay, that's gonna be an exciting month till the exam session is over...

Monday, January 2, 2012

What's 2012 cooking..

Normally* I don't do that, but this time I clicked on a link offering me to "See what your horoscope predicts for 2012".

So, it goes:

- "This year is all about non-stop action for you (....), you may start to wonder if there will be any break in sight before 2013." This somehow resembles some old thoughts of mine: "Will there be any break before 2010?".. and: "Amm,.. maybe before 2011?".. also the one: "Oh, well, before 2012 will be good too.."

- In February, they say, I will "settle for nothing less than your true soul mate; either that or you'll feel blissfully wedded to your spiritual nature.." I see...

- Then they  give me some hope about my financial status, starting the paragraph with the promising "You'll be thrilled to know that Saturn.." And just when I got utterly excited, and started to plan whether I should get a Bugatti or a more humble vehicle like a Maserati, they say I have to wait for some 10 more months for that.. Well (looking on the bright side)... that should be just enough for me to get a driving license..

- They also predict some kind of a Virgo migration in the form of "a change of residence or alterations to your current abode"..And that's when I started to wonder.. how do they know I'm on Erasmus abroad...

* normally I don't use the word "normally" either..

Sunday, January 1, 2012

A little before 6x2 last night

I assume that around 12 a.m. last night you were looking at your watch, counting down the last seconds of 2011..
If it looked somewhat like this:

... then I believe you simply didn't follow my last advice.