Monday, January 14, 2013

Still around

Since the summer took away most of my ambition to create a life-changing scientific masterpiece, I got to the point of spending Christmas with a pile of books rather than surrounded by the usual Christmas decoration.

That is why, once again, I let a big chunk of time slip away without posting a single thing here. My procrastination and so on let the thesis writing take much longer than I wish it had taken.. So, in order to finally finish, I believe I'd better channel my creativity towards the thesis writing instead of making sure I post here regularly..

However, I used to love filling up my sun-search journal, so don't start to think I have given up on the blog. If there is anyone interested in it, don't worry (, mom, dad), I will still be posting every now and then.. just not as regularly. So, come visit whenever you too feel the need to find some sunshine.. I might have managed to put a ray in here.



martin d said...

това да не са всички книги, които си прочела преди Коледа зарад таз пуста дипломна :))

и аз се хавнах на това хоро вече..нещо хич не ми си играе :)

Kateto said...

Давай, давай, ти можеш! Всъщност трябва всички да се обединим в общото нещастие и така да станем силни срещу злото! :)