Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Unwritten stories.


Olya came back home.

She was quite tired. She was, actually, exhausted... yet, satisfied.

She was doing great with her new job, she had time for her hobbies, all her friends and family were (and made her) happy. She just moved into her new sunny appartment after the greatest summer getaway one can possibly have. Her fridge was full, her heart was full.

She had just talked on the phone to her dearest friend who said her baby had made his first steps. Olya thought she wished she had been there to see it. Then she wished it was her child making his first steps.

She walked to her full fridge, on an empty stomach, and took a cold beer. Then quickly chose a movie and seated herself comfortably into the new sofa which had the ability to hug you lovingly.

Olya started the movie and tucked both feet under the tights - in order to complete the ultimate after-work warm home experience. Then she finally reached for her beer, opened it, had a sip of it and suddenly froze in surprise.

She could open a beer can?

It was her ex-husband doing it for her in the last seven years, because she had once said, during their first date, that she never opened a can - she was afraid she would hurt her fingernails.. Naturally, she was now surprised with the discovery. But happy. It turns out she was finally perfectly fine with herself. By herself.

Olya smiled. Snuggled into the sofa. Took another sip and turned her attention back to the movie.

Her shaggy dog joined her on the sofa.

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