Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The double-fried potato

If you consider coming to Belgium you should be prepared.. French fries are not what you think they are.. Or at least the Belgians claim so.
I heard that story (there are, of course, other variations): During WW I American soldiers arrived in Belgium (the French-speaking part) and tried the fries. Confused by the language around them, they thought they were in France.. and therefore called the fries "French"..
No matter if that's true or not, the fries taste differently. They are freshly cut, fried twice (yes, two times), fluffy on the inside and crispy on the outside.. And, you know what? They are actually damn good..

(That's my small portion from today.)

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martin d said...

толкоз не съм слюнко-отделял мноо отдавна :) Сигурен съм, че в Смолян имат 3-та версия...