Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Early in the morning

The construction work is still going in my building. Today they started working very early again. Right in front of my door. Of course. They drilled some holes, hammered some stuff into the holes and swore with colorful variety in Polish (I don't know the language, but some similarities with Bulgarian let me get the essentials).

So, since there was some party in the building till 3 a.m. last night, and then it was still dark outside when the workers started to make noise, I lost my temper. I wrapped myself in a fluffy blanket, checked my hair in the mirror (I might be angry, but my hair still should look nice) and opened the door. I looked at the workers with my bloodshot eyes and said:

- Are you going to continue making noise before 8 every morning? (I might have missed to say "hello")
- It is the first time this week.. (here a confused man's look follows and 2-3 other surprised faces appear from behind the stairs)
- Well, Ok, but you've been doing this every day for the last 4 weeks..
- Don't worry, we will only work until 10 or 11 and then we will stop making noise.. (the additional faces are now nodding in support of the statement).
- But, see, I usually sleep before 11 a.m... (the supportive faces are nodding again and now looking at the talking guy, expecting his answer just as much as I was.. They realized no answer was coming, so they quickly disappeared behind the stairs again).
- Uhh.. sorry - he said and started looking at his feet.

I apologized for blaming them (when it is the owner's fault for the current situation in the building). I closed the door and they continued their work. It was still way too noisy for sleeping.. but it was sweet that now they were trying to drill and hammer quietly (imagine that!).. and the occasional "Kurva!"-s were pronounced with a whisper..


martin d said...

at least, I hope the construction workers are some hot pieces of ass :)

Kateto said...

Hahaha.. Unfortunatelly, it's more something like that: