Sunday, January 22, 2012

Liã, the departures, and a place to visit

It's that period when your friends (or you) leave the Erasmus story. One of the (few true) fans of my blog Liã (pronounced [liɐ̃], not [lía] - as we were instructed a bit too late ;)) just left too. Before she did so, she threatened me she will check my blog on Sunday and she'd better find something new (referring to me studying too much and not working on the blog).

So, here's the post! Dedicated to her and her "heaven, Santa (e Bela) Catarina". As expected from something carrying my name*, the place is extremely beautiful. :)

* my narcissistic me just couldn't let a post be solely about another person.. hahah


martin d said...

looks like a very, very amazing place :]

Li said...

This post was so kind! Thank you! I'm so proud you can manage studies and blog together again... I look foward to see you at Santa Catarina soon =D
Forget the snow/rain/cold and come to sand/sun/sea ;)
the Wikipedia's reference is perfect, btw!

P.S.: to Martin: it's not just a very amazing place, it's a heaven =D

martin d said...

Last night in Copenhagen was(felt) like -13°C, so I felt a natural urge to go back to the Santa Catarina film:) but then i needed more.. and found this, which also cheered me up :) (warning:don't watch if hungry) -