Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Twelve easy steps to getting fat

1. Become a student (better in a high-ranked university, where they actually want you to study).
2. Try to study as little as possible during the semester and wait for the exam period.
3. Lock yourself in your room and start studying.
4. Alternate studying with eating - you have to make breaks, right?
5. Reward yourself with sweets for studying good.
6. Eat some sweets to comfort yourself if studying is not going well.
7. Sleep less so that you can study more.. and compensate for the lacking energy with excessive amounts of food.
8. Drink some beers (alone, of course, you're supposed to be in your room, studying).
9. Don't exercise - you don't have time for that
10. Don't cook - the faster your food, the sooner you get back to studying.
11. Start hating your life and while you're stuffing yourself with chocolate cake, make a promise that next semester you'll study before the exam session actually comes.
12. Never keep the promise.

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Li said...

things get really worse when you're in the PhD... and abroad, and, and...
stop studing while you have chance hhahaha

martin d said...

be careful, cause too much reading of your books during exam term, might make the books go crazy and they'll really stick to the old rule of "work hard, play hard" :]..True story - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SKVcQnyEIT8

Kateto said...

Hahaha, I'll have that in mind! ;)

martin d said...

оп, пак се е сбъгясал тоз блогър. абре, по-рано пуснах един коментар придружен с едно книго-свързано видео доста весело. това е видеото :)) - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SKVcQnyEIT8

Kateto said...

пфффф.... яката работа! :)
..и само като си помисля колко "игра" е паднала докато го заснемат.. :)

martin d said...

ам, четох че 25 човека са си играли 4 нощи..по около 14 часа всеки път :)) но, добра реклама явно де..вчера сутринта имаше 300 views..днеска са почти 600 000 :)