Thursday, May 24, 2012

Exam - Danish style: 1

This is how an average open-book 4-hour exam looks like in Denmark.

You are allowed to use any source of information that you find appropriate.. including the internet. You can also write on your laptop, instead of paper. Then you upload your file on a USB stick (which they give you on your way into the exam room).

I suppose that's not something that one can experience in Denmark only.. but I never heard of such a practice in Bulgaria. Also, for my open-book exam in Belgium I was forced to print some 1000 pages, because: "if you are reading from your laptop, I can never be sure whether you're not on the internet"..

(click on the picture to view it bigger)

* Roberta, thank you for making this (though blurry ;)) photo for me! :)

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