Sunday, May 20, 2012

Weekend Tribune, issue: 19 May '12

This Saturday's Weekend Tribune presents you the Anti monkey butt powder, The beauty lift high nose and several other must-have products for your next shopping list.

You are welcome, dear reader!

You may also want to check:
* Talking friend watch or the Boyfriend Arm Pillow - to fight loneliness
* Giant inflatable cockroach - to make your kids love those little buddies that live with you anyway
* Spycam Video/MP3/Camera Sunglasses - to finally get the topless beach girls on video - all that without getting slapped!
* Baggy Winecoat - so that you can keep drinking cheap wine-in-a-box... but now with style
* Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure - to teach your little girl some values other than the old-school vicious find-Mr.-Right-guy Barbie lessons
* Swine Flu fluffy toy - not really sure why you need that

1 comment:

martin d said...

:D mind-mushing products

let me contribute a little..
- every child has a right to clean and save army knife -

and why not enjoy the dark side of..water :P