Monday, May 7, 2012

What would MacDaner do? s01e03

Here's the plot to another episode** of the action-adventure television series "MacDaner".
Anders MacDaner is an average* Dane, living  his average* Danish life in an average* Danish city.


The buses in MacDaner's city have ticket machines inside. One can either travel with a monthly card, a 10-trip ticket, or pay for the trip through the machines on the bus. As a rule, if the "billetautomat" is broken, the traveler is supposed to tell the bus driver about it (he already knows). Then the citizen can calmly continue his ride.

MacDaner gets on the bus for 2 stops. He needs a ticket from the machine. He pays for the trip once with his credit card and once with a 20 DKK coin - both times getting no ticket in return.

What would MacDaner do?

Get worried he has no ticket. Ask the ones around if they knew the machine was broken. Realize that everyone knows. Go to the driver and tell him about it. Receive an answer "I know, you can continue your ride without the ticket". Smile to the driver, and get off on the first stop. He will get on a bus where he can buy a ticket.

* MacDaner is just a unit, representing the central tendency of all data items. It must be stressed that there are many units which deviate from the observed values, attributed to MacDaner.
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