Saturday, May 5, 2012

What would MacDaner do? s01e02

Here's the plot to another episode** of the action-adventure television series "MacDaner".
Anders MacDaner is an average* Dane, living  his average* Danish life in an average* Danish city.


A foreigner is obviously lost in an average Danish city, looking at a map. MacDaner sees him and heads straight to him with a smile and readiness to help. The foreigner says: "I want to get to Vestre Ringgade".

What would MacDaner do?

Say: "Where?!" with the most confused expression a human face can get. Look at what the tourist's finger is showing on the map, then smile and say the exact same way the foreigner (thought) he pronounced it: "Aaaah, you mean Vestre Ringgade".

* MacDaner is just a unit, representing the central tendency of all data items. It must be stressed that there are many units which deviate from the observed values, attributed to MacDaner.
** Click on  "What would MacDaner do" from the labels below to find more episodes.


martin d said...

this will kick the butts of "Borgen" and "The Killing" in the ratings war

Kateto said...

Hehe.. CSI and 24 are next. :D