Thursday, December 22, 2011

The adventures of a KUL student

For the last three months the guys from my group and I have been working on a project. Today we have our presentation in a weird form: each team prepares a poster and presents their paper in a (what I imagine) cocktail-like atmosphere... Quite an innovative idea, as can be expected from an Innovation Management teacher. Unfortunately, the thing is in the morning... and I doubt it that there will be any alcohol..

So, people will be circulating around, asking questions. Groups from the next poster session are forced to attend too.. And I just can't help it imagine that while you're watching the others answer questions and wait for your own Q&A time to come, it's gonna feel this way..


martin d said...

:)) Innovation Management.. Ха, така. Ам, че надявам че си успяла да туриш иновативния позлатен черпак на синджирче нейде из постера :)

Kateto said...

Хаха.. за съжаление не се вписваше много в разработката за sustainable, eco urban development в Обединените арабски емирства.. :P

martin d said...

:) успя да ме задавиш. Браво :) звучи много интересна темата.