Saturday, December 10, 2011

Integration as a business

I received a letter from Inburgering Vlaams-Braband. "Inburgering" seems to mean "integration".

These nice people are offering me complete integration program for free: with language, job search, free time and culture courses. They say that if I want to get integrated, we will sign a contract. If I don't do things right, I will pay a fine. But if I do, in the end I will receive a certificate saying I was integrated. Splendid!

This might be a good moment to share the following video*.

* I want to stress on this: I am NOT intending to offend/ mock/ make fun of Belgium or Belgians! The text was written by Marcel Sel (a Belgian writer) which makes me assume it is not supposed to be insulting in the first place. I just find the video funny. Moreover, I believe every single country (including my own) should have such videos - pointing at the absurd way things are done.. who knows, maybe this will be a good first step to a positive change. :)

Orjana, thanks for the video! :)


martin d said...

хах..кога ли ще разбера какво точно обясни момичето с милия глас..смятам през останалата част от деня да гледам тъпо в една точка

Kateto said...

Мда.. и аз така гледах като ми го обясниха за първи път. Ама да ти кажа, като поживееш тук, разкажат ти го няколко пъти и накрая гледаш филмче по въпроса, почти ти се струва, че вече схващаш ситуацията.. ;)