Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The art of beer

Drinking an 8.5 % beer and leaving with a peach breath is something you can easily experience in Belgium.

Opening a beer with whatever one has in hand can happen everywhere... but I learned how to do this when I came to Belgium. Yes, I look funny while struggling with each bottle..yet, the facts say I did open one: on the beer case, with the handle of a ladle (that's interesting to see), with another bottle, with a lighter (the classic).

I thought I will only use that new skill to impress people on parties, but the beer-need caught me alone, without a bottle opener. So, you know.. I just wanted to show off a bit.

(click on the picture to view it bigger)


martin d said...

:) ..мисля, че от тази цялата работа може да излезе много свестен
алтернативен вариант на таз реклама с този пикинез тука :)

Kateto said...

хахах, мда, ще си вържа един позлатен черпак на синджирче и да видим Мария или мен ще зяпат! :D

martin d said...

оохах..чааай, че леко оцапах дивана от смях..На туй вече му викам 'ню продъкт девелъпмънт'! хах трябваше да запишеш и един Innovation Management :)