Saturday, December 3, 2011


My ability to focus on the one thing I'm doing at a given moment is so low that I started to think I might be suffering attention disorder. I'm losing interest in whatever I'm doing up to 5 seconds after initiating an activity.. So, I decided to search for answers on the internet.. it should know.

I wrote "attention disorder" and pressed "enter",.. results loaded,.. I opened an article.. and lost interest in reading it before it appeared..

Well, since I couldn't read it, I'm not yet sure if there is a problem.. But I'm sure I'm just fine!


Vasko said...

Don't even try second time to research it ;) You are not the only one andddd it's so normal anyway ;)

Kateto said...

Phew! ;)
Аз не, че се бях взела на сериозно, но самата история ми се стори забавна за споделяне. ;)

martin d said...

:] мисля, че туй твойту е някакво състояние на постоянно любознание. Континенти така са намирали на времето ората, докат са браузвали из океаните...я да ходя да си браузвам из репорта аз..:]